hello, if you remember me~

I haven’t been on tumblr in a month, and I haven’t touched photoshop in quite some time too. For the past two weeks, things have happened and I think things are changing, so I’ll be taking a hiatus as it’s exam season soon and I really need to focus. If I could sum this up easily, this is basically it. 

I’m still very much into fandom, but I really need to put them aside for a while and until this desparate time is over, I won’t be anywhere much. Anyways, I hope I can still keep my followers and such because I’m not leaving forever.

Thank you, goodbye and see you again next time ♪

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(´∀`)♡ 1990.01.31 お誕生日おめでとう、薮っち!

You’re 23 years old now, time surely flies isn’t it? Back then you threw (and broke) umbrellas because you couldn’t ride an attraction, now you’re probably the adult who stays beside the little crying kid that can’t ride because of his size (or attitude xD). Keep smiling as you always do, and I hope you have lots of fun this new year. Have fun at college and again, Happy Birthday Yabucchi :D !


~ Myojo | March 2013 | Arioka Daiki + Nakajima Yuto

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~ Myojo | March 2013

When I close my eyes I see a stadium of stars,

now I stand here by myself

where my heart belongs.